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Name:Write Away: A Writers Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Writers discussing the craft of writing
This is a community for writers to get together and talk about writing. If you are a writer and want a place to discuss anything from tropes and clich├ęs, editing and publishing, asking for advice or sharing writing-related pet peeves to even bouncing around ideas, then this is the place for you! No matter what you write, whether it's fanfiction, poetry, original fiction or articles, you are welcome here.


1. This is a place for writers to discuss writing, not post fics. If you want to squee about how you just got published or your fic reached a billion views, and you want to rec it the process, go for it. But this is a discussion based community!

2. Be nice and keep the atmosphere friendly. If you're mad at someone, don't lower yourself to name-calling - make them the villain in your next story and kill them off then. Much more mature.

3. Not safe for work stuff should go behind a cut, as should large images. Please also consider cutting articles or enormously long posts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Consultations: Comment with your qualifications/life experiences/general knowledge, and others can contact you for their writing research
Writing Buddies: Leave a comment and find a friend to motivate and bounce ideas off of
What We're Writing: Members can comment here to advertise their work

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