May. 1st, 2015

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All of us here, from what I can tell, write stories to share them whether commercially or over the net. Does anyone have stories without plans for publication in any form, strictly for personal enjoyment? Our own[personal profile] sarillia discussed writing for personal enjoyment, and I also have a few that are for my eyes only. They are in various stages of completion without a clear end: I just pull them out from time to time to add to and edit, or just to read.

I like these stories because I can be as ridiculous as I want to be without thinking of quality or acceptability--it's just a fun romp through the farthest reaches of my mind, where I can be totally me. I thought I'd describe one of these stories and would love to hear about yours in as much or as little detail as you like.

Folded for length, silliness )

So, that's my  "private fiction," (not to be confused with private eye fiction) the most complete and least silly of the lot. Do share yours, if you like!


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