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Hey, guys! With NaNo coming up just around the corner, I'd like to invite everyone to come join the Discord server I've set up.

If you're into word wars, and would like to host them somewhat regularly, I'm in need of a few Word War Czars who can run them. Otherwise, come in and hang out, and get some writing done!
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There are dozens of websites and apps out there to help if you want get to grips with daily tasks, cleaning, healthy eating, fitness and so on. They turn daily tasks into a fun game, with rewards for accomplishing tasks and levelling up.

I'm talking about something like Habit RPG (now called Habitica). Or perhaps even an organisational app, but used the same kind of purpose, like Todoist?

Has anyone here used a games or task management app to motivate or track their writing?

I'm really interested in trying one but I'm not sure which ones are best for writing. A lot of them seem more suitable for tracking various kinds of general chores.

Did you ever gamify your writing, and how much fun was it?

Thanks for any responses. :)
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The next session of Camp NaNo starts on Wednesday. Anyone joining in? I am. I have a lot of preparing to do in the next couple days though.
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All of us here, from what I can tell, write stories to share them whether commercially or over the net. Does anyone have stories without plans for publication in any form, strictly for personal enjoyment? Our own[personal profile] sarillia discussed writing for personal enjoyment, and I also have a few that are for my eyes only. They are in various stages of completion without a clear end: I just pull them out from time to time to add to and edit, or just to read.

I like these stories because I can be as ridiculous as I want to be without thinking of quality or acceptability--it's just a fun romp through the farthest reaches of my mind, where I can be totally me. I thought I'd describe one of these stories and would love to hear about yours in as much or as little detail as you like.

Folded for length, silliness )

So, that's my  "private fiction," (not to be confused with private eye fiction) the most complete and least silly of the lot. Do share yours, if you like!
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Long story short, I have a contract from WordFire Press for my first (and only, to date) novel.

The contract is super author-friendly (it's only five pages long! It's in plain English! It's not a rights grab!), and if the timeline works out (and we're going to do our best to make sure it does), the novel will be out in time for me to hand a copy of it to Jim Butcher at Salt Lake ComicCon in September and tell him "thank you."
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Hello again! What's going on in your writing life this week? Anything good, bad, exciting, frustrating, surprising?

As I was looking through my pictures for something to share, I realized that I don't think I've ever picked one of the more expressionist paintings I've saved. I have a lot. So here's one by Josef ńĆapek called Before the Storm:

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Hello all! It's been a while since I've done this. So how is it going? Got anything to celebrate? Anything you want to vent about? What's going on?

As always, here's a picture from my collection. The Lava Pit by Rowena Morrill:

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I mentioned a while back that I'm working on editing a novel for the first time and I've been thinking about the part where someone else is supposed to look it over to catch problems that I've missed. If anyone here would be willing to take a look at it and share their thoughts, let me know (it's high fantasy that's sort of political in that the big conflict is a protest movement). But mainly I wanted to talk about the subject generally.

I've never worked with a beta reader before, so I'd like to hear some experiences and advice. One thing I do know is that it's best to specify what sort of feedback you're most interested in. I've heard from a lot of people who wanted reactions to the characters and plot but the person who agreed to look it over did nothing but point out typos and grammar issues.

So, what do you have to say on the topic?
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Do you find yourself fact and detail checking everything possible when you write? Do you think "creative interpretation" or flat out ignoring facts is always a flaw of writing?

I think every genre has its own popular muddling of facts. Crime dramas might show a crime being easily solved with minimal evidence. A sci-fi might ignore physics for the sake of flash, explosion, and convenience. A historical drama might have two characters interacting who never would have met one another... and so on.

I find that when I write, I really make an effort for accuracy, though sometimes I wonder if it isn't better to relax the rules a bit in a way that might ultimately make for a better story - at very least, faster and more interesting pacing. On one hand, muddling facts is said to be something that throws people who are "experts" in that particular area out of the story, but on the other hand, is it justifiable when most people probably won't know or care either way?

What do you think? Have you ever had to debate whether being completely factually accurate or plausible is worth it or not?
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I have a real trouble writing endings. I plan my ending, I can see it, and then just a little from the final push I often grind to a halt.

This has happened to me many times. It always seems to be for a different reason. So far these have included:

> I hit a plot point I hadn't worked out yet, or forget what I'd decided to do about it.
> There are so many threads to tie up and my brain busts something trying to hold onto them all.
> I get worried readers won't like how the story is going to end.
> I get sucked into research instead and never come out.
> I get crippling embarrassment that my story is rubbish, and if I don't finish it, I never have to show it to anyone.
> I get distracted by other ideas for stories and lose momentum.
> Story fatigue. My brain just wants a break from these characters or the setting.
> Or conversely, I'm enjoying the story so much I don't want it to end.

Does anyone else have trouble with endings? How did you solve it? Or are some stories just better off staying unfinished?

About half the time, I breeze right through to the end of a story no problem. I don't know what makes these any different than the ones that I have trouble with.

Any thoughts? What works for you?

Have a picture of a slightly bewildered kitten wondering where the ending to his novel went. )


Feb. 1st, 2015 10:11 pm
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Hey all! It's been a while.

I am revising a novel for the first time (and it only took me 7 years and 15 first drafts to get here!) and I'm actually feeling pretty good about it so far, but I've been getting curious about how other people go about the revision process.
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I have a lot of creative freedom with a topic I'm working on but am unsure about using it. I need to write around a thousand words, so my safest bet would probably be to use an essay module, but that seems so ordinary. I really wanted to try writing it as a poem, but I don't know if I could make such a lengthy and satisfying one. I'm not the most experienced when it comes to even prose. Is there anyone who can offer me some advice?
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This is the time of year when I like to make all kinds of goals for the new year, and they usually include some writing goals. Anyone else been thinking about what they would like to accomplish next year?
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Hello everyone! I suddenly remembered that it's Friday. So how are things going? Any NaNoWriMo news to report?

Today's picture is The Illusion of Diversity by Michael Cheval:

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All right, my dears, we're almost to NaNoWriMo take off. Who's playing? What are your ideas? Have you ever tried it before, and ever won?
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I recently watched the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply, which was about the lack of privacy online. One segment was about an apparent ability to track down what individuals have searched for on Google. The film crew tracked down one guy whose Google search results included things like "how to kill my wife", "cheating wife" and "decapitation"... seems fishy, right? Surprise, the guy was actually a writer for a crime drama, and did the searches for work.

So my question is, do you ever google really weird things for writing research? Anything that might seem suspicious to an outsider?

I can say I've googled a lot of injuries - knife and sword injuries, mainly, as well as effects of poisons. I think I even once googled home-made bombs, or historical explosives, or something like that, and even remember getting really paranoid that the FBI was going to get suspicious.
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Hey all! It's been a while. I hope everyone has gotten a lot of fun writing done. Let's hear about it. Had problems? Let's commiserate.

Before I go, here's an illustration by Max Ernst that I find intriguing:

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Hey all! I skipped another couple weeks and felt bad so here's a post to rant and rave about whatever's on your mind a day late. What's going well and what's driving you crazy?

For today's picture, I feel like showing some more Remedios Varo. It's called Encounter.

Note: I may not get to respond to some of you until tomorrow morning depending on when you reply. I'm spending today and tonight at my girlfriend's place and I never bring my laptop because I get to see her so rarely. But I always try to respond to everyone who replies to these posts so I don't want it to look like I'm ignoring anyone.
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I saw this writing prompt just a moment ago, and it kind of made me laugh. What "opener" pet peeves do you have? I'm kind of sick of symbolic dreams tossed right at the beginning, or characters just waking up. It feels too overdone to have much of an effect on me anymore.
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I just started an ambitious new world-building project and I'm working on a map. Does anyone know of a good primer on geographical features that will keep me from making mistakes like having rivers flow uphill. I know some things like that, and how swamps obviously need to be in wet places like near deltas and deserts are often on the leeward side of a mountain range, but I feel like there is probably so much that I don't know without realizing that I don't know it.


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